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Itching without cure, ‘Pruritus’

Sensory phenomena that create a urge to scratch

Mechanism of itching

Classification by causes

Kanzen secured the compound for treatment of pruritus!

Technology transfer agreement in 2016

Research content

Entered a technology transfer agreement SNU Industry-Academy 

Collaboration Center for the active compound for the treatment of pruritus & related confidential information

World's first identification of the simultaneous mitigation of
histamine and non-histamine-induced pruritus

Histaminic puritus :

Decreased to 1/3 of histamine-induced pruritus

Nonhistaminergic pruritus : 

Reduced to 35% of non-histamine induced pruritus

Animal model of skin dryness :

Scratching reduce to 6% in animal model of skin dryness

Athletic ability change : 

No deterioration of exercise capacity, like drowsiness, calm, etc.