Global market development through sales of in vitro diagnostic kits

Global In vitro diagnostic markets :U$ 71.7 billion by 2019

칸젠 (글로벌 기술 마케팅)
칸젠 (글로벌 기술 마케팅)
프로테옴텍 (글로벌 제품 개발)
프로테옴텍 (글로벌 제품 개발)


Next generation pregnancy test kit

1. World’s 1st 3-lined pregnancy test kit

2.Overcome False-negative for high-hCG conc.

3.Certification of New Excellent Technology No.111


Allergy diagnostic test kit

1.Largest number of allergy diagnosis kit

2.60 allergen analysis with minimal serum

3.Received 2015 Chang Young-Sil Award in Korea

ImmuneCheck IgG

Antibody Quantitation Kit for Field Inspection

1.World's first diagnostic kit for anti-body quantification

2.Test results in 20 minutes with small amount of blood

3.Awarded as world-class product in 2015

New concept pregnancy diagnostic kit overcame false negatives
World's market : U$1.1b


*‘Positive’ test result came out wrongfully as ‘negative’

*Existing pregnancy diagnostic kits could wrongfully show result of  false negatives due to high concentration of hCG

Existing kits


The world’s  largest allergy test line-type multiple diagnostic kit

The world’s first allergy diagnostic kit for herbal medicines


  • Application of line-type biochip technology for parallel diagnosis
  • Quantitativee analysis of 60 species of allergen in one test
  • Use of a minimun amount of serum(50ul) is convenient for pediatric screening
  • High accuracy due to self-calibration measurement lines
  • A total of 134 allergies can be investigated

The world’s  first field diagnostic kit for antibody measurement

NET New Technology Certification (2013)  / BIO-IP Golden Bell Award (2014) / World-class product selection (2015)

In the past, a large amount of blood was collected from a child and sent to a specialist laboratory to receive the result.

Now we can easily and fast (20 minutes) to know in a small hospital using very little blood.

Use of cancer-specific antibody market technology transferred from Biotechnology Research Institute.
Cancer early diagnostic kit

Current diagnostic technology

Target technology

Disease target : Breast cancer, Liver cancer

•Early diagnosis kits for breast cancer have not been developed and have similar incidence rates to men with prostate cancer.
•Liver cancer is one of the most costly burden per patient and the number of deaths by domestic cancer is one place.

Problems with existing products : Low sensitivity -> Plan to enter the market with sensitive products

New diagnostic technology that solves the problems of existing diagnostic products
Antibiotic susceptibility sensor

Disease target

Infectious diseases (Antibiotic susceptibility test) / Allergic disease / Cancer diagnosis 

Metabolic diseases (diabetes, hyperlipemia) / Degenerative diseases (Alzheimer's disease, arthritis)

Cardiovascular disease

Current diagnostic technology

Professional diagnostic

- products
- Expensive equipment
- Bigger
- A few hours
- Need skilled workers

Rapid Kit
- Low sensitivity (2 ng / ml)
- One piece of information / per test
=> Insufficient information

Target technology

Multiple diagnosis
- Provide sufficient disease information through one examination

Quick easy test

- Within 30 minutes of consultation

Sensitive inspection

- Superior sensitivity (less than 0.1 ng / ml) when compared with test results of professional inspection agencies